The benefits and legitimacy of the wonder drug Jintropin

Jintropin is a popular human growth hormone used among both amateur and professional bodybuilders alike, and originated in 1996. The popularity of this product stems from the high quality and relatively low price compared to other products on the market, for further information it is recommended you read worldhgh.

However, ensuring the product purchased is genuine is an issue consumers are facing. There are many fake products on the market mimicking Jintropin and its benefits. To ensure you have purchased the genuine product make sure the packaging contains Russian lettering not Chinese.

Jintropin has gone further to ensure the legitimacy of the product by providing a distinctive security sticker on all packaging. This security sticker has a unique barcode which may be verified on the GenSci website.

Jintropin has the ability to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. The product goes further to improve not only the appearance of the client but has also been found to improve the health of bones, ligaments, joints and skin.

This product has been distributed by Europharm, a UK based company, for the last five years, and the distribution of Jintropin has been certified in seven countries. This UK based company receive the product as a whole and then regulate the distribution among smaller pharmacies and companies. Jintropin boasts a 97-99% purity level which ensures the product is not only of a high quality but safer to use then its counterparts.

To receive the most out of this product, it is recommended that Jintropin is used over long periods of time. The best results have been shown from the usage of three or more months, with dosages initially ranging from five IUs a day. Clients that have used Jintropin have expressed the benefits of the product where they have experienced greater strength gains and overall improved physique and well-being.

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