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Secure your house with lock and make sure no thieves can breach

Secure your door with an electronic lock fingerprint from Scratch-resistant and durable sensor. Designed biometrics and a futuristic look. The access door is an entrance to your residence. Do not let the “uninvited guests” into the house and steal valuables. To increase security efforts homes, home door lock system needs to be fixed. For example, by using electronic keys, Fingerprint lock could be one solution to the replacement of a conventional house key. Doors are equipped with electronic lock will only open if the fingerprint is recognized by the sensor. Can be set to delay the introduction after no indication sensor does not recognize for 5 times row. Sensor layer is durable and scratch-resistant, so it is not easily damaged. The working principle of this common security alarm in case of sensor triggers the alarm panel on the conditions on the control panel automatically perform actions sirens and no phone to dial that have been registered simultaneously. So if at the time of our activity / working hours then the condition of the panel in disarm or disable the alarm function, so that the siren does not sound even if the sensor receives a trigger. if conditions we exit / return hours at the panel on the (activated alarm function).

Today, also reviewed in modern homes, the garage is one of the rooms of the house are not to be overlooked. This is because, the majority of families at this time – surely – have a vehicle. Especially car, Even an average of more than one vehicle. Moreover, for those who have a car. Garage space existence virtually a necessity. Because of the shape and function of a garage space which is different from the other rooms of the house, the garage spaces also have the design and structure of different doors. Generally, the garage door has a size that is much wider than usual doors. Besides, with proper design and construction, a garage door can also improve the look of a home system. However, because it has the shape, structure and design that is different from the usual doors, garage doors sometimes cause problems of its own, if you in need to get one of the best security system for your garage then is your best choice.