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Medicare supplement plans cover the cost that your original Medicare doesn’t cover

Someone may plan to take medicare supplement plans 2016. If you do the same thing, then, we are going to continue this article. So what do you know about Medicare supplement plans? Yes, as a smart person, you will never buy any coverage of the insurance when you don’t know the details of it. It means that you try to collect more and more information until you can enrich your knowledge. Medicare supplement plans work with the original Medicare. If you have part A and B, then you can enroll in the plans of Medicare supplement. The main reason for taking this plan is to get the help for the certain costs that are not covered by original Medicare.

It’s not a stand-alone coverage, so please ensure that you are enrolled in part and Part B for both hospital and medical coverage. In addition, once you need the prescription drug coverage, you get it through a Medicare prescription drug plan, not your supplement plan.